Clara Louise Baker
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Fascinated by acupunctures ability to change not only physical but also psychological states, Clara has pursued a diverse and extraordinary career as an acupuncturist. 

Soon after qualifying she travelled to Kenya to set up an medical clinic that, over the course of several years would create a template for the combined provision of western and alternative medicines.

Now settled in London she sees patients from her East London clinic, or for home visits where necessary. Her areas of speciality include musculoskeletal pain, detoxification and facial rejuvenation. 

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Clara started practising yoga as a young girl, following along with her mother's morning routine.  She developed a passion for yoga that inspired her to travel the world in search of teachers and eventually lead her to the journey of becoming a teacher herself.

Now settled in London, she teaches dynamic classes from the Rocket and Mandala Vinyasa systems as well as Yin classes based on her understanding, as an acupuncturist, of Chinese Medicine.

Her classes are strong and playful, reminding you always to relax, breathe and go with the flow. She emphasise the use of breath to quiet the mind, observe the body and enjoy the ride!

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D E T O X + R E N E W



Start the new year from a place of deep rest and whole body, cellular level renewal…

Yoga, Acupuncture, Shiatsu & Acutonics

January 12, 2019 | 2 pm - 5 pm

£35 || @tripspace

During this three hour workshop you will receive treatments to nourish and tonify the major organs of detoxification in your body and send you into a deep state of relaxation where your body can rest and restore itself.

Together we will practise yogic techniques of asana (postures), pranayama (breath / energy control) and kriya (cleansing techniques).

Individually you will receive shiatsu and acupuncture treatments two healing modalities that evolved from Doaist and Zen philosophies. Both forms of treatment work to regulate  and stimulate the flow of Qi or Ki in the network of meridians, restoring health, balance and well being.

This form of workshop is totally original, born out of Clara’s desire to combine her two modalities acupuncture and yoga with the aim of make profound healing accessible to all. This January she will be working with Joy, a talented practitioner and friend with whom she has worked for several years.

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Skills Workshop ::

How to Headstand

Sirsanasa | Foundations, Variations + Transitions

A series of monthly workshops packed full of information, drills and experiential learning…

How to Headstand : From the basics to advanced transitions

January 27th, 2019 | 3 pm - 5 pm

£25 || @therefinerye9

These two hour workshops are packed full of information, drills and experiential learning. Designed to meet the needs of practitioners who are ready to take their practise to the next level in a safe and fun environment. Come and learn about anatomy and alignment in a way that is relevant to your body whilst getting the one-to-one feedback you need to advance your practise!

This month we’ll be looking at how to stand on your head, AKA Sirsasana. The workshop is totally open level, for those of you who have never done a headstand before to those who are working on more advanced variations and transitions.

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Acupuncture + Yoga

Winter | The Water Element | Rebalance and Reboot

A powerful combination of acupuncture and yogic techniques to support your physical, mental and emotional health.

February 2nd | 3pm - 430pm | £25


A powerful combination of acupuncture and yogic techniques to support your physical, mental and emotional health. Yes - this is as good as it sounds!

In this ninety minute workshop you will be guided through a series of long held, deep stretching asana (postures) and taught yogic pranayama (breathing) techniques, to release tension in the body / mind complex. You will each then receive an acupuncture treatment designed to rebalance your neurological and energetic systems, culminating in a transcendental state of relaxation, AKA the ‘floating on a cloud’ effect.

We are in the time of the Water Element during winter, so this months workshop will focus on the associated meridians of the Kidney and Bladder. Treating these aspects of ourselves helps to support our essential energy, adrenals and immune system. Water contains great potential energy, which is depleted by stress, in order to conserve it we must practise stillness.

This format is totally original, and was created by Clara who strives to innovate the provision of therapeutic practises and make profound healing accessible to all.

Clara is a yoga teacher and acupuncturist, who specialises in and teaches the form acupuncture which she will be applying in the workshop. Her knowledge Chinese Medicine informs her yoga classes, which in this workshop will be specifically designed to support and enhance the treatments received.

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Clara has been teaching me yoga for years and has totally changed my view of my body, cured my backache and made my life richer with her unique way of teaching yoga .      

— Wendy Mandy

"I’m a fashion model in my late 20’s and started seeing Clara for facial acupuncture to treat the first signs of ageing and generally looking a bit ‘grey'. After the first appointment lines were significantly less deep, the dark circles under my eyes looked less ‘heavy’, and my face looked more radiant overall. I committed to an appointment once a week, and after a few weeks any wrinkles that had bothered me were virtually gone, my under-eye bags no longer had any colour, and my face was generally much brighter looking.I wanted to focus on the facial treatments but the truth is the acupuncture treatments have been nothing short of a miracle for me overall. I feel a deep gratitude for Clara’s treatments and recommend them to anyone who feels like they would like a little bit of support, whether on the outside or the inside." - N.H.

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Clara is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is completely focused on her client, thoughtful and considerate about what will work best for you, patient, understanding and with a great sense of humour.She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and clearly very experienced in many different forms of yoga but is careful and keen to adapt her style to suit her clients. She notices the detail of each yoga position and her expert adjustments always make a big difference to the effectiveness of the pose.

Since working with Clara I've felt well, supple and ache-free, have more energy and a renewed lightness of step. My yoga routine is now an essential, rewarding and hugely enjoyable part of my life.

— J. Simmonds

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I saw Clara for acupuncture and yoga every week during my pregnancy. I felt more energy and less pain every-time I had acupuncture, from supporting the womb treatments to picking up my energy levels and helping my sciatica.She taught me more then just the yoga flows but also why they are beneficial at specific times in the day or situations I find myself in. Positions that help my back, my knee or my stress levels.

I just love Clara and I recommend her to everybody. - D. Rotcajg



I have been having Yoga lessons with Clara for three years.When she first met me I couldn't even sit on my knees, let alone attempt to touch my toes!

As a severe gout sufferer Clara has not only completely transformed my body into being more flexible, but she has taught me to relax through advanced breathing techniques - nothing matters when she is around!

Clara really knows every part of the human anatomy and how each part of the body works. There is a never any pain, strain or fatigue and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone in my position.

— N. Ryder

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I have worked with Clara on many occasions and she has been enormous help in solving various health issues I have had in the past.

She is a superb yoga and breath teacher and has always proved to be very intuitive in assessing my needs. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

— M. Danvers