Clara started practising yoga as a young girl, following along with her mother's morning routine.  She developed a passion for yoga that inspired her to travel the world in search of teachers and eventually lead her to the journey of becoming a teacher herself.

Now settled in London, she teaches dynamic classes from the Rocket and Mandala Vinyasa systems as well as Yin classes based on her understanding, as an acupuncturist, of Chinese Medicine.

Her classes are strong and playful, reminding you always to relax, breathe and go with the flow. She emphasise the use of breath to quiet the mind, observe the body and enjoy the ride!

Weekly Public Classes:

Mondays : 745 - 9 pm @yoke.dalston

Tuesdays : 630 - 730 pm @therefinerye9

Wednesdays : 645 - 745 pm @yoke.dalson

800 - 915 pm @tripspace

Saturdays : 830 - 930 am @therefinerye9

1000 - 1100 am @therefinerye9

Sundays : 615 pm - 845 pm @tripspace

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